CAGEMATCH, (Unlucky) Episode 13: DEADFALL is Fun Time Family Fun… Apparently

As always, this is the podcast that asks the hard-hitting questions like, “What the fuck is wrong with Justin’s mic” or “Why the hell is this even a movie” or “Why does Merder hate us and herself”… and the most important questions of all…

Is Nicolas Cage a legitimate acting genius?
An utter piece of silver screen trash?
Or somewhere in between?

After having a few real bangers, Merder was tired of letting the others pick the movies because she was getting dangerously close to actually liking Nic. Enter 1993’s Deadfall, a true shit show. Resting alongside Trapped in Paradise, this one was absolute dreck. The crew genuinely hopes they are more entertaining than this film.

For a good synopsis of the film, you can just listen to Snot’s “Deadfall”, which is played at the end of the episode. It’s way better than the movie, for sure.

And you can watch Merder and Loki be badass derby girls on Friday night on the Rockstar Roller Derby Twitch. Live tickets are sold out, but Justin will be announcing it all live on Twitch.

SPECIAL THANKS to The O’Mulligans for allowing us to use their fantastic track “Cage Rage” as our official theme song! Listen to “Cage Rage” on Bandcamp and support the band!

Follow us on Instagram at @cagematchpodcast to be a part of the show. We’ll be posting more over there now and will have more opportunities for giveaways and other fun stuff over there, too! You can check out Loki, Merder, Justin, and The Farsighted over there too.

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