The First OFFICIAL FarOut KidsCast is FINALLY Here

Prior to finishing up editing this episode, we’d thought that this was a podcast in the making for a year… turns out… it was 2. The interview included at the end of this episode is actually almost exactly 2 years ago and features a 7 year old Cash chatting with Liz aka The Singing Lizard. He sounds so much younger, it’s a really fun listen after hearing him talk for 20-25 minutes now, as a 9 year old.

That said, HI! This is officially our first REAL episode of the FarOut KidsCast, the new kid-centric podcast on The Farsighted Network. Cash and his dad talk about stuff that Cash is into, bring on guests, play music, and invite Cash’s little brother on for a monthly segment called “DJ Weston’s Dance Party”.

This month we talk video games, mostly Pokemon. Cash planned out the whole episode himself and it was a blast. Each month, we’ll probably work on tightening up the format, but for a 9 year old’s first podcast, he straight up kills it.

The theme song is by Hawaii rapper Kwalified and the episode features music from The Singing Lizard, the great kindie artist Laurie Berkner (whose dance remix album is currently in rotation at the house), and Weston’s selection of an Afro-Jack remix of Michael Jackson.

Please let us know if you’d like us to feature your music, talk about an interview on the podcast, or have suggestion for good family/kids type topics for Cash to explore with his dad and guests. You can email us at with the subject “KidsCast”.

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