Rayanimator Reviews MOMO THE MISSOURI MONSTER – Spoiler Free (31 Days, Day 6)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As I noted last time I got one of these up on the podcast feed, I’ve been unable to keep you with all of Rayanimator’s awesome content on the podcast side. I think I’ll be good to get most of them up moving forward, but that also means there are great episodes on YouTube that aren’t all on the feed. This one actually released 2 weeks ago over there, but if you’re the podcast type rather than the YouTube type, you may just now be discovering it. I strongly suggest you head over the the YouTube and subscribe, as to not rely on my janky ass to keep you up to date on her great reviews!]

Join me as I review the film Momo the Missouri Monster, directed by Seth Breedlove and released on DVD on 09/20/19.

Watch the trailer below:

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And as always, a very special thanks to Jerks Productions for our intro.

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