Pigeon Cooped Up in Philly

Tonight, due to still getting well from a nasty bout of the flu, I’m sitting home tonight instead of hanging out with my favorite emcee (and “your girl’s favorite emcee”), Pigeon John… but I did have the chance to catch up with him for a short preview of what y’all little biddies are in store for if you head to The Barbary tonight to catch his show with Eligh, The Grouch, and Elliott Lipp.

Hey PJ, welcome back to Philly. Can you tell a bit if what you’ve been up to since last time you came through?

Man, making babies and music and seeing the world. I’ve missed Philly, we always have fun out here. Got the new album Encino Man coming out April 29th and I’m excited about it.

The album is due out in a month, what should fans and newbies expect from Pigeon on this go around?

A new sound for hip hop. An addition to what’s going on now. I had the pleasure to work with producer Herve Salters of General Elektriks for the second time since my last album Dragon Slayer. I went for a hip hop doused in melody, humor, and 70s equipment and the feeling of a brand new 1964 Cadillac. It’s what’s happening now.

While you’re here are there any stops you need to make? Got a favorite cheesesteak spot or a place you like to swing by while in our city?

Man, I do not. Let me know if you hear of one. Our merch buddy Josh has heard of a couple that we’ll hit up after the show. Also I plan on going out tonight. Breaking windows, cops, girls and the general feeling of an outstanding warrant is what I’m going for. Any ideas?

Yes, go to Chubby’s up in Roxborough for the best cheesesteak in town. And head over to Yards Brewery for some good beer!

Anyway, there’s a rich musical history in Philly, who are a few of your favorite Philadelphia acts?

The Roots. For me they have been killing since 1995. They did what so many bands try to shoot for. The records have only grown in color and depth with their age. They are our generation’s The Animals times 10.

Thanks again for taking a few minutes with us. Any parting words for the readers?

I love you… I mean huh, wait. Hmmm I mean I really like you? Shit! Ok well I’ll see y’all tonight! Don’t front! Let’s cry and fight together!

I’m so bummed I can’t make it out tonight, let’s hook up for a full interview soon and get back to Illy I can bring you out for some fine Philly food and brews!

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    I’ve been trying to figure out how I really feel about the new song since the video dropped. It’s definitely different… I was about to write that it will be almost impossible to top Dragon Slayer but then I remembered that I felt the same way about Summertime.

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