Free Comic Book Day Contest

Seeing as we posted no new content last week and are total slackers, let’s start this week with a CONTEST!

Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, a day where everyone should head to their local comic book store and get FREE COMIC BOOKS! Before we go any further, watch this:

In honor of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, we’re giving away a free Blu-Ray copy of one of our favorite comic book movies, UNBREAKABLE.


Want to win this flick on Blu-Ray? Of course you do! All you need to do is comment on this post between now and Saturday with your favorite comic book movie and why. Our favorite answer will win this film and some runners up will win some other comic book related swag, ie. a comic book, a download of some sweet comic book related tunes, and a few other surprises.

So, let us know what you think is the best comic book flick and see if we agree. Don’t forget to leave a short but compelling reason why!

UPDATE: The winner will be announced on our Facebook page!

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23 Replies to “Free Comic Book Day Contest”

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    Kevin Ireland

    Watchmen. It was ambitious, it was controversial but best of all it was basically just superheroes talking, which is my jam.

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      Nice selection. Certainly one of my faves. The violence is so realistic and often painful to watch. You hear the bones break. The opening credits alone make it worth the watch. Love it.

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    Josh Landis

    I have to go with one of my childhood favorites – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990). I’m finally getting around to reading the original Eastman and Laird comics now, and it is nice to see how much the movie payed homage to the comic. The movie is fantastic, no fancy cgi – just classic Jim Henson Creature Shop creations. The movie found a great balance between the darker comics and lighthearted animated TV show.

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    Garrett Solomon

    To date, my favorite comic book films have been every single MCU film since “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Lately, I’ve found the franchise to be consistently fun and engaging with each new movie. I’ve even enjoyed Agents of SHIELD from the very beginning. Bring it on, “Guardians of the Galaxy!”

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      I think I’m the only person who thinks the first Avengers ensemble flick was meh. I’m really hit or miss with Joss Whedon, so maybe that’s why. I loved Captain America, the first Thor, and the first Iron Man… I suspect I’m going to really dig Winter Solider too.

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    bill norris

    The underground Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie that you can only find at Con’s and was never released in theaters…. not because its great but because it shows what can happen if you make something just to keep the rights, even though what you made sucks. Although the last scene with the Torch flying after the missle is pretty darn cool.

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    Justin Isaac

    Though it may seem like an odd choice, Disney’s Sky High is my favorite supers/comic book movie. I realize its not actually based on a comic, but it definitely pays homage to many. The main cast do a great job, as do the supporting cast which features Bruce Campbell, Linda Carter, Kurt Russell, and Dave Foley.

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    Luke Tipton

    My favorite comic book movie is the Brad Bird/Pixar film “The Incredibles.” While not an adaptation of a pre-existing comic book, no film has captured the warmth, humor and adventurous spirit of Silver Age Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comics better. This is the best “Fantastic Four” movie we’ll ever get. In the spirit of comics, it’s a richly realized world, beautifully animated, with eye-popping visuals and wonderful character design. It’s also the most mature superhero film I’ve ever seen, too. Bird plays with genre conventions to explore marriage, aging and mortality, and the most difficult challenge any superhero can face: parenthood.

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    Jacob Garner

    Mine is probably The Dark Knight. While we comic book readers had known a much darker Joker since 1986’s “The Killing Joke”, the movie was such an about-face for mainstream America as to how powerful, dark, and complex a comic book movie (and in turn, comic books) could be. Heath Ledger stole the movie with his performance, and I’d like to think he would have received that Oscar even if he hadn’t died.

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    Just Vegas

    I thought this was not a genre I liked because I was thinking more mainstream. Turns out lots of my favorite movies count! Blade (all of them), Kick-Ass, Hellboy, Men in Black, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, V for Vendetta.
    I can’t pick one. Do I have to?

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    Samantha Leach

    I love most of the comic book movies (at least the ones made in recent years). But I think The Avengers is probably the best for me. It was serious *and* funny, well written in terms of plot and dialog and very well acted. Sure it’s not perfect (no movie is), but it was so good (and just plain fun) overall that none of that matters!

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    Tim Bush

    My favorite comic book movie to date is Spider-man 2. I feel it is still the best superhero comic book movie to date. Alfred Molina nails Doc Ock and it is Tobey Maguire’s best job as Spidey. Raimi also pays homage to his Evil Dead trilogy in great and subtle ways. The fight scenes are incredible well choreographed as well.

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    I’d have to say the latest Batman trilogy, with the Dark Knight Rises being my favorite – it’s so intense. The cast is amazing, the mood is perfect.

    Scott Pilgrim is my runner-up. Because it makes me happy.

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