Jimmy G’s Jazz Rap Odyssey

James Gardin, formerly known as PHILTHY of the BLAT! Pack, just dropped a free album on Noisetrade that blends jazz, R&B, and hip hop in a most soulful way.

I’m having a hard time putting into words exactly what this album makes me feel. For the past few weeks, it has become an album that I pop on to just fade the day away and chill out for a bit. The vibe is relaxing and contemplative, the lyrics are deep and thoughtful, the musicianship is tight, the production is solid.

There isn’t a real standout track, as they flow one into the next with ease. The 5 song EP should be enjoyed in its entirety if at all possible, because to pick and choose tracks is to do it injustice. However, if you must start with one track, start with “I Cry” if only for the guitar work.

Moleskines & Pocketsquares is actually my introduction to the work of Mr. Gardin and a great introduction it has been. Fans of Marvin and Meth alike should find this EP a great was to spend 15 minutes of their time (or perhaps 3-4 hours on repeat).

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