ECDX is the bomb! The Philly Rollergirls do it up right with 50 bouts, a bunch of events, and vendors from everywhere. They even broadcast all of the sanctioned bouts on WFTDA.TV. But… I do have two gripes as a derby husband…

First, I hate missing watching my wife skate, so I am bummed that the challenge bouts are not being broadcast. My wife is skating as part of Team Bitches (vs. Team Assholes) and Team Tupac (vs. Team Biggie), but I cannot see her, which is crazy disappointing as someone who hates missing bouts.

Second, the cost for a spectator is way outrageous. I actually could come hangout tonight because I have a babysitter, but there’s only one price for Saturday, which is $45 for the day no matter what time you come. If I could get in for $20 or $25 for a half day, I’d so be there, but alas I cannot attend.

It will have to suffice for me to stream the Dutchland bout this afternoon from the comfort of my home, where I can cheer on my wife’s wife (yes, you read that right), Lurz Lemon.

Brookie and Lurz

I think I may even put on my Lurz Lemon shirt… it looks like the one this adorable kid has on.

Lurz Lemon

Well… maybe next year I can plan it a bit better and get my ass down there to join in the fun. I’d go for the half day pass tomorrow if my sitter situation was better, but I’m gonna just have to enjoy all the derbs from my living room sofa, which isn’t a completely awful thing at all I guess.

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