NMM Sound Bytes: Toni Sidgwick is a Scottish Songstress Filled with Soul

I’ll be honest, music in this vein isn’t always my thing. There are often a good deal of folksy artists that just blend together into one giant pot of well-crafted, but ultimately bland music that I could live just fine without ever hearing again. However, when the latest track from Toni Sidgwick crossed my inbox, I was immediately struck.

When I hear Irish or Scottish folk, I immediately assume I’ll be hearing something a bit more celtic in sound. Even if not celtic, I surely don’t expect something that reminds me of that type of soulful voice of a Tracy Chapman, or in this case one of my favorite female vocalists of all time, Skye Edwards (Morcheeba). This isn’t to say that Toni sound like either of these women, but there’s a certain soul to her voice that brings both of these soulful crooners to mind. In her latest track, “Try”, Toni Sidgwick has me on her hook. And, for that, I had to make sure I shared this with all of the readers here on The Farsighted.

For more Toni Sidgwick, check out her website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see what she’s all about. And, stay tuned here, because I’m sure to have more great tracks of hers to share soon!

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