NMM Sound Bytes: “Roots”, a new track from Muza & David Schoenwetter

Available now on SoundCloud and Spotify, this new track from the MC/DJ duo of Muza and David Schoenwetter is something a bit different. It began with the lyrics; Muza sent them over to David to work on developing music to accompany the emotion conveyed in the words. What developed from there was an EDM flavored backdrop that allows the vocals to pop and the lyrics to be front and center.

A blend of EDM, R&B, pop, and hip hop, “Roots” is a song about a girl who turns her back on her roots and the song calls her out on it. It clearly carries emotional weight for Muza. David made sure to produce a track with Muza that captured that emotion. Drawing comparisons to EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers, the song has a ton of heart and a catchy beat.

Muza is Muzahid Abdullah and his partner in rhyme, Gabe Anomaly. The duo is based in NYC and features the groups namesake as the lead vocalist and Gabe working behind the scenes. It sure helps on the international front when you consider that Muzahid can sing in English, Spanish, Bangla, Hindi, and Arabic. Check out more from Muza at Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

David Schoenwetter is a producer and musical genius whose tunes have been heard on many television shows and films. He’s worked on mixes and remixes with musicians far and wide. You can check more from out David at Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, and SoundCloud.

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