Weekend Soundtrack: The Alt-Rock Sound of Pale Blue Dot’s ANATOMY

Virginia native Tony LaRocco and his band of indie rockers, Pale Blue Dot, play the type of alternative rock music that appeals both to the indie rock crowd and the top 40 pop rock public. With the curb appeal of bands like Foo Fighters and a DIY work ethic, Pale Blue Dot should be on the verge of blowing up and sneaking some radio play in the near future.

Released on Rockfish Music, their latest nine track record boasts extremely catchy hooks, soaring vocals, and a ton of pop appeal. With tracks like “Only Love”, there are comparisons to be made to pop darlings like Kings of Leon. Yet, tracks like “The Harlot and the Gambler” have a bit more of a Phil Collins meets grunge rock feel – almost like a grittier rocker inserting themself into a beautiful pop song to give it just a little bit of edge. The drums really shine in tracks like “Dust and Light” and “Yesterday’s News”, adding an extra dynamic and different musical focal point to those songs. “Yesterday’s News” also marks one of the album’s few shorts where the band goes into a full rock-out mode. In short, this isn’t some one dimensional pop rock act.

Fans of some of the solid alt-rock bands of a previous era like Lifehouse and Our Lady Peace should find something familiar and comforting in this album, while younger audiences that connect with modern alternative bands like Coldplay or Blue October will definitely find a lot to love hear too. Even Maroon 5 and straight ahead pop fans are likely to tap their toes and nod their heads with Anatomy.

Pale Blue Dot won’t melt your face off, but that’s not really what they’re going for. Instead, they’ll woo you with pleasant, enjoyable rock tunes that blend classic alternative influences like The Cure, grunge rock style ala Pearl Jam, and the soaring layered pop aesthetics of bands like U2 and Coldplay. Check out this album, your ears will thank you.

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    No. Just no. My ears are not happy, they are pissed saw hell for listening to your review. We’re you paid to write this?

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