Thorsten Fleisch’s FLESH CITY is an Experimental and Bizarre Nightmare

Flesh City is an experimental horror film directed by Thorsten Fleisch. It concerns a young couple who open up a portal of mutation and mayhem while exploring the basement of an underground club. Parts of the movie had me perplexed at times with it’s mix of story and musical numbers in the guise of a TV transmission of a show called Magical Nihilism. It also shows a different part of Berlin, Germany, it’s more like it’s underbelly with underground clubs filled with non-mainstream hipsters and other rejects from society – I loved the parts with the two female Satanists who host a show called Vote for Satan. The young couple who are the main focus of the story find themselves unleashing chaos when they explore and find a portal and allow some kind of life form into this world. The guy gets a malformed hand and many others get connected to each other via the life form which is a a string of flesh that attaches it’s victim eye).

The movie runs just under 1 and 1/2 hours with sparse dialogue, the nihilistic music videos in the movie range from folk rock to electronica with jarring visuals thrown in. Is this a movie for everyone? Yes, the director is a talented person and one to watch for in the future. One note about the movie: if you are sensitive to strobe lights and effects, you may want to be careful because this film has them, most notably during the ending. Still, if you like offbeat movies like I do… here is a real winner to check out.

Kenny Fasolo
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