The Pledgers Get Weird with MY PET NORMAN

My Pet Norman is a short horror film by Andrew Pledger that deals with a boy’s unusual pet develops bizarre behavior after a night’s feeding of Snicker bars. The short was made for a contest for RODE Microphones by using RODE’s VideoMicro unit.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

We all had a pet growing up whether it was a goldfish, dog, or a turtle, but this boy owns a different kind of pet. A strange pet that has an unusual appetite. One night after feeding his pet it starts acting bizarre.

A visit to Andrew’s YouTube page will show you that he is a prolific maker of short films (The Whistle Part 1 and 2 are also very recommended viewing). The boy in the short is portrayed by Steven Pledger and he does a great job with the script he is given. The shock ending works very well as it leaves more to the imagination. You get a complete story in it’s short running time and it’s worth checking out.

Watch the film below:

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