Coming Soon to Blu-Ray: ASSASSINAUT Captures the Imagination with Gory Glee

Astronaut food, anyone?

Assassinaut brings curiosity, adventure, and suspense to the screen while always keeping the viewer’s attention. However, Assassinaut can also leave you with a slightly offset stomachache that you weren’t expecting…

Four adolescents are set to do what many of us can relate to when we were exploring with our imaginations in our youth; they get to actually travel to space and explore. However, after a series of events, the mission suddenly becomes the challenge to survive.

The story of Assassinaut was great, but the details just weren’t always there. I could feel myself interested and following what would become of this group. Would they survive? Was there an ulterior motive as to why they were there? The adventure they embark on is worth telling as it is something audiences will enjoy. Of course when it is over, it leaves curiosity getting the best of everyone…kind of like astronaut food, something unique and possibly worth trying but perhaps a sudden regret or gut ache at the end?

No matter the case, this film is worth at least a watch or two, as it is compelling and unique. Check out Assassinaut now on VOD or on Blu-ray/DVD on July 30th.

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