Tucia Lyman’s M.O.M. is a Swift Blow to the Dome

We love our labels. We love our categories. We love to describe things with the easiest definition in the simplest of terms – to paraphrase The Breakfast Club. Even something as subjective as art has a tendency to get pigeonholed by constraints of style and genre. This seems to be commonplace especially when dealing with genre films.

Horror films are not just horror films anymore. There are so many subgenres, and sub subgenres along with keyboard warriors ready to die on virtual hills.It’s enough to make your eyes roll out of your head. I once had a guy “lol” me and call me stupid for saying that the 1986 film Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness was a slasher film on a horror fan page. Seriously man? Go away. This is really not a battle worth picking.

Even a subgenre such as found footage has so many variables. Are they found tapes? Is it compiled footage? Is it a faux documentary?It’s really hard to define so I won’t even make the attempt.

“Ok, Dino. Why the hell are you just rambling on about it then?” Good question. Thanks for asking.

Tucia Lyman’s MOTHERS OF MONSTERS – aka M.O.M. – is a film about a mother’s attempt to prove to anyone that will listen, that her 16 year old son is a psychopath.Told through recorded video clips, Abbey (Melinda Page Hamilton) goes to extreme lengths to gather proof that her son Jacob (Bailey Edwards), is capable of pulling off horrible atrocities. The performances are strong and convincing. There are even surprises in what can minimally be described as a two character film set in one location.

Is this a horror film? My simple definition of what constitutes a horror film is as follows: when seeming normal people are confronted with horrific situations, i believe this qualifies. But it successfully delves deeper than that and to explain why, would be telling. Lets just say, not everything is as it appears. No easy definitions. No simplest of terms. But this film does have a definite message.

Note: Please hang on for a post credit service announcement.

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