Eric HF Law’s “Who Tells Us” Presents a Unique Look at January 6th

I’ll be completely honest and tell you that when I hear and see horrible conservative rhetoric and hate, I simply want to rage and lash out most of the time. While I think righteous anger and indignation is a fair response and certainly feel like my response is valid, sometimes a more thoughtful and measured approach can be more beneficial. Considering all sides, trying to place oneself in the others’ shoes, and trying to accept the humanity of those we are pitted against are all useful and admirable tools – so long as we don’t excuse hateful behaviors and allow injustices to go unchecked. In the case of something liek the January 6th uprising, it’s important to condemn the actions taken, but it may also be useful to try to understand what got people to that point.

This thoughtful approach is exactly what Eric HF Law employs on his single “Who Tells Us” on his latest album RECREATE. The album’s promotional materials note:

Instead of just pointing out how bad the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the US capital was, “Who Tells Us” invites us to ponder how we got there and who gave us our identity.

Never once in the song does Law try to absolve those who committed the acts on January 6th, not does he try to excuse the mindsets that led people there. He simply places himself in the other side’s shoes and tries to explore what led to that moment in time. At worst, it proves a useful thought exercises… at best, it may help us remember that we’re all human and not everyone who attended that awful day or rallies and events is beyond repair.

Listen to the song via Spotify below:

You can check out more from Eric HF Law on his website and follow him on Facebook.

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