Enjoy SOME SWEET DREAMs, Courtesy of Stevie Cornell

If you blend up The Monkees, David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Van Morrison in a blender then pour that musical concoction over a bed of Cat Stevens, Steely Dan, and the music of Ray and Dave Davies, you would end up with a melodic dish that sounds an awful lot like NorCal singer/songwriter Stevie Cornell. One of those rare musical acts that I can say for certain that I’d have been able to agree with my grandfather on putting on the stereo, Stevie has a timeless feel that both my Scottish folk and early 1900s country loving Pa and me, the 90s alternative and punk born and bred scenester, would truly both have been able to drift away to on a Sunday afternoon by his pool. There’s a familiar warmth here that’s truly difficult to dislike.

The album flows from track to track, without many “standout” tracks, but this isn’t a bad thing. While each song has its own feel and vibe, they all work together to paint a unified picture, one that is beautifully simple without be overly simplistic.

It comes as zero surprise to find that Stevie has been making music for decades and that his experience ranges from early punk rock to Americana to blues and beyond. With tracks that harken to Hank Williams-era gospel influenced country music (“Dark are the Windows”) to the bluesy folksy closer (“One More Time”), there’s such a variety, while there are the unifying threads of storytelling, great guitar work, and an easygoing vibe that feels good for the soul.

In other words, from start to finish, Stevie Cornell’s Some Sweet Dream is appropriately named, as it’s sure to accompany some wonderful daydreams of mine (and hopefully yours) all Summer long.

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