New Music Monday: Just to Be Clear… Idiot Grins is “Not Reggae”

Idiot Grins is from California… and coastal music often has a nice islandy feel, often with a reggae or ska influence. But one of the standout tracks from their latest album Hounds of Mess Around is so clearly not reggae that it’s even called “Not Reggae”. Except that’s kind of a lie, because the song is very much influenced by a classic Jamaican ska/reggae vibe. As hard as they tried to pull a fast one, they couldn’t get one over on this longtime ska and reggae fan.

Name aside, the tune is catchy as hell, ushers in the Summer months with a warm weather vibe, and is as playful as it is well-written. With a blend of the aforementioned islandy vibes, a modern alt-country/folk flavor, and a heaping spoonful of soul, Idiot Grins has definitely written one of the songs of the Summer for fans of all types of music. And, while it is a standout track, the entire album is worth a spin or 14 while your mowing your lawn, roadtripping to the beach, driving to work, or chilling be the pool at a nice Summer party.

Check out the track below, then head to Spotify to stream the full album. Then, make sure you head to Facebook to follow the band and their check out more over at

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