BONUS: AVENGEMENT’s Jesse V. Johnson Stops By For a Quick Chat

Starting last month, we’re dropping small episodes and bonuses across the whole network to give fans of our podcasts a taste of our other shows. In our first such bonus, we’ve got a little taste of the Grindhouse Messiah for everyone to check out.

2019 has been a killer year for director Jesse V. Johnson, who has twin action gems out right now in Triple Threat and Avengement. On this bonus podcast, Justin chats with Jesse about Avengement and as many other topics as he could in their limited time together. The conversation is included raw and unedited. Forgive any overtalk, as a slight delay caused Justin to feel like a dick for talking over Jesse at least a few times.

After this chat, listen to a segment of last year’s episode with Ed Travis, founder and editor of Cinapse. In this segment, Ed joins Blaine and Justin to chat about Jesse’s 2018 action flick, The Debt Collector.

Avengement is out now, so after you listen, make sure to check it out!

Thanks for listening and if you’re new to Grindhouse Messiah and want to hear more, you can check the podcast’s main page over at The Farsighted or subscribe via Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or a variety of other services!

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