Justin and Blaine Drag Ed Travis Across Concrete: Discussing the Works of S. Craig Zahler

Grindhouse Messiah welcomes back our first 2 time guest in bringing back our official action guru, Ed Travis of Cinapse. Though, this go around we step away from the DTV action realm and into the world of S. Craig Zahler, neo-exploitation auteur. Film by film, we discuss and break down each of his 3 directorial efforts, beginning with horror western Bone Tomahawk, moving into ultraviolent prison drama Brawl in Cell Block 99, and ending with his latest controversial tome, Dragged Across Concrete.

Ed can be found on Cinapse, where he serves as editor-in-chief and regularly writes about action, adventure, and all sorts of genre fare. He’s a great follow on Twitter, too… which is saying a lot in this recent era of #FilmTwitter swill. Check him out, especially if you need some good recommendations for your next Friday night action film extravaganza.

For 2019, Justin has created running Letterboxd lists for the films we cover and the films we recommend. So, check them out!

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