CAGEMATCH, Episode 10: Is ARMY OF ONE Our Favorite Cage Film Yet?

2023 is over and the last episode recorded in 2023 also marks the end of our first phase. As we move into 2024, we enter CAGEMATCH v.2.0, CAGEMATCH Phase 2, or whatever the hell you wanna call it. We’ll formally introduce her in our new episode later this month, but let us take this time to welcome this episode’s guest, Tamrin Jenison (aka Splinch aka Loki aka Splotch aka Sploki aka…), as a permanent feature moving forward. We didn’t know it until the very day we recorded, but it became very evident that we were strongest as a trio… so lisen to the rambling intro Justin recorded for some notes and enjoy the show…

Is Nicolas Cage a legitimate acting genius?
An utter piece of silver screen trash?
Or somewhere in between?

On this episode, we wrap up the year of 2023 with the 2016 biopic of sorts, Army of One! Stay through the end top here a fun rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” by Hungarian punks, Paddy and the Rats!

We get off track, add a new podcast cohost, and experience recording issues… but we had too much fun and we hope you share in some of that fun too!

SPECIAL THANKS to The O’Mulligans for allowing us to use their fantastic track “Cage Rage” as our new official theme song! Listen to “Cage Rage” on Bandcamp and support the band!

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