Curtain Jerkers, Episode 23: Robert and the Big Show Stop by to Celebrate the Holidays

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Thanks to Justin’s long time friend, Kwalified, a diehard wrestling fan and dope emcee hailing from Hawaii, for our great intro song.

After Justin waiting so long to finish editing and posting the November episode, he gave up and decided the Jerks would save their discussion of a certain butcher named Abdullah for the new year and tope suicida themselves head first into the holiday season. To properly celebrate, the Doug and Justin needed some help, so they recruited Robert of The Atomic Elbow to join them in discussing a few matches from one Paul Wight and his HUGE ROLE in the INCREDIBLe Christmas classic, Jingle All the Way.

While Justin may be the only fan of Jingle All the Way, neither Doug nor Robert came here to condemn, so a good time is had by all!

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