An Elaborate Fantasy So I’d Clean My Room Backed with a Well Considered Meltdown

PTCD Season 2 is coming… in about a month. As Chuck gears up to gear the new season in gear, he dropped this second teaser episode to bridge the gap. Just pops in at the start to officially welcome PTCD and Chuck to the family. As he notes, the back episodes should FINALLY all be up on this site by the weekend. Additionally, expect a brief introduction to Chuck as we finally get his profile all set up so he can become a regular contributor here.

Here, he and one of his oldest friends talk about theoretical explosive mold, struggling to understand if G-d speaks via elaborate coincidences and the struggles of keeping a room organized with ADHD; Chuck attempts to rationalize some rather irrational behavior by way of “mystical experience” which it almost certainly was not.

Apologies to everyone involved, love you all bunches.

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