Greg Travis Joins Blaine and Justin to Talk SHOWGIRLS, NIGHT CREEP, and More

Remember when Jessie Spano got bucked naked and dry humped Kyle MacLachlan until he… well… ya know… and then later on told him that she “liked it when [he] came”? Well, we do and so does renowned actor Greg Travis.

Blaine and Justin got to chat with Greg about a bunch of his films, starting with his first, Humanoids from the Deep (which is from 1980, not the 60s like Justin said in the last episode… dumbass). Touching on some other films of his like 1991’s Shakes the Clown, the conversation turns towards two specific films of Greg’s, Showgirls and Night Creep. Through this we get deep about a few of the films’ themes, learn that Berkley had zero modesty while filming Showgirls, and hear all types of tidbits from Greg’s long and storied career in film.

And, before the epic Greg Travis chat, you’ll hear Chris from Chattanooga talking about this years festival, which starts tomorrow. Great films this year, which you can hear us geek out about!

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