Episode 18: Attack of the Killer Bs

Northern Faces

Bryan, our guest this week, is one of the singers and guitarists for Northern Faces, an indie rock outfit on the verge of breaking the national scene in a big way. Catchy hooks, rockin’ riffs, and even a hip hop groove or two, the band gets better with every tour, every track, every moment… they blew me away on their first national tour and they continue to play in heavy rotation in my car and at my house. My kids even made me put 3 or 4 of their tracks on their “Summer Fun” playlist on Spotify. There are some links to their songs below… I’ll add the official “Cops Come” video when it’s available! And interact with them on Twitter while you’re at it.

Our other Killer B, is my friend Lucian Bowden. Below is another cool track of his that isn’t on the episode. It would be rad if you went to his Bandcamp page or iTunes to support him. He’ll hopefully be on an upcoming episode so stay tuned for that.

I was worried this episode wasn’t my strongest… I even allude to that a few times… but the finished product is awesome, despite my lameness. Bryan, the Faces, and Lucian made creating a great episode an idiot proof task, which this idiot has proven once again. Enjoy y’all! See you next week on the podcast and this weekend on the blog!

Lucian Bowden and Brian Bullard

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