Episode 19: Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like Pennsylvania)

Free swag to anyone who get the above reference. Not a Philly act, but a hella dope hip hop group… but I digress.

On this episode, Justin first chats with Mark Demko, concert promoter and all around cool dude, about Musikfest, SteelStacks, the city of Bethlehem, and how awesome last year’s Modest Mouse show at the Stacks was.


Then, Justin chats with My Man Shafe, Philly emcee and musician. Shafe discusses his brand of soulful hip hop, how great musicians are in Philly, what being spiritual is to him, and how to live healthy.

My Man Shafe

In this episode, you’ll hear music from My Man Shafe, Philly rockers Awaking Mercury, true Philly legends (hint: their name rhymes with “The Groots”), and a Seattle band called Down North (who is rocking a free gig at Musikfest).

Shoutout to my uncle Ted, the last employee ever for Bethlehem Steel, who gets a quick nod when I’m chatting with Mark.

Thanks for listening!

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