Episode 31: Breakfast with Doug featuring Dumbstruck MC

Due to mad technical difficulties and all that jive, this episode is later than expected and actually features different people than I expected it to. But it’s dope so who cares.

First, you’ll hear me playing with my new mic.

Then, you’ll hear the theme song by Rocky Garibay and me rambling a bit.

Then, you’ll hear a dope cover by Cover Blaze, featuring my homegirl Christa Huffman on the sticks.

Then, we move into San Francisco emcee Dumbstruck waxing about music, Christianity, language, and a little bit on his San Francisco sports squads. You get to hear one of his dope tracks too.

And finally, you get to join in breakfast with Doug Black and I. Theology is the main course. Check out his church and the shelter he runs.

And the grand finale is a track from Fireships, whom were supposed to be on this podcast… I mistakenly referred to Andrew by the wrong last name, but I realize that I combined his name and his publicist’s name, who’s also a good dude. So, my apologies and I promise Fireships (aka Andrew Vladeck) will appear on an upcoming episode!

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