The Pulse of Priestly Pod People

In this episode, Justin talks to Father Ben, writer for this site, Priest Pulse host, man of the cloth, and old college buddy of Justin’s. We kinda talk about his podcast in the midst of our conversational ADD.

Priest Pulse

Ben and Justin announce the start of a new podcast that will take form as a monthly podcast on this site, with the concept stolen partially from Jordan Troublefield‘s Seeing Double. Hoping to launch that in February, but certainly by March. Ben also announces some upcoming episodes with his former podcast co-host and good friend, Joshua Wise. He currently has a storytelling podcast in the vein of an old time radio show called The Adventures of Lord Dinsby Whitherspoon: Duke of Space. Check out Josh’s podcast and, of course, Ben’s too!

Oh… yeah… and by the way, we’re gonna call that new podcast What Wouldn’t Jesus Watch?!?!?. The answer is gonna be pretty clear in most cases… AND… listen to our referenced Priest Pulse and The Farsighted episodes.

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