The Farsighted Podcast Returns with NINJA BUSTERS Director Paul Kyriazi

The Farsighted Podcast is back. Listen to the intro for some updates on the new format. Here’s a breakdown of the podcast, for those who may want to skip around for some reason or another. There are a few interjections/pseudo-commercials now listed below, but it should give you an idea of what this new format looks like and it includes links to artists, etc.

0:00 “I am the Queen” by Sweeping Exits, a dope band you should check out.

5:40 The Farsighted theme by Rocky Garibay

6:50 Introduction, including updates on the new format.

23:47 “O, That Thang!” by Larry Juris, from the Deadtime Stories soundtrack.

24:21 Tell Us a Story featuring “The Tutorial” by Christopher Brown from The Last Horror Podcast.

31:11 “Mockingbird Girl” by Magnificent Bastards, just a few seconds.

31:27 Paul Kyriazi interview (hit him up at his Facebook)

1:10:45 Segment from Paul’s audiobook, Hard Rock Lovers, and some good ole “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger to close us out.

Paul is the man. I spoke with him awhile longer and can’t wait to talk to him again. Check his stuff out… and check out all of the other scattered links… AND check out a podcast that I mentioned called Friending – with one of their latest episodes based on the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

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