Special Episode: Director Michael Baumgarten

The Farsighted Podcast is coming back with a new format and new segments… but today I’ve got a treat. I had a 20 minute interview scheduled for a write-up on Paying Mr. McGetty‘s director Michael Baumgarten that turned into well over an hour of chatting about our favorite film related stuff. I’ve sat down to write about it 4 different times and finally given up and decided that in the interest of getting all of Michael’s awesomeness out for the world to hear and experience, here’s our full chat. Mind you, it wasn’t originally intended for a podcast, but it’s hella fun!

Some notes and links:

1. I misspoke when trying to name all of Christopher Brown’s notes, here’s a link to his current awesome podcast: The Last Horror Podcast.

2. His previous podcasts were the Video Nasties Podcast and the extremely informative A History of Horror Podcast .

3. Paying Mr. McGetty has a Facebook page.

I guess that’s it right now.

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