Follow Friday

It’s that time again! Let’s take a look at what you’ve been missing out on…

Jeremiah Givens
Are you picking up what Jeremiah’s puttin’ down? Rap with soul and meaning.

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This dog uses the Twitter machine properly.


Add Ben’s photography to your feeds… and never take a photo ever again.
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Pure comedic gold in 6 seconds or less.
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Social Media Guru / Running Man Champion
A programmer who once played the part of Othello in college, taught English to high school students, and ate two entire plates of disco fries in one sitting, Efren (aka "eslice") has been contributing to The Farsighted since its inception. When he's not working the command line or writing up his weekly Follow Friday, he's strumming on his acoustic guitar - but be on the lookout for his infamous bathroom stall serenades. You've been warned.

"Censorship, Google, and Channing Tatum."
- George Washington, when asked what three things would change the landscape of our future.
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