I Just Came for the Peeps, The Finale

Due to one part procrastination and two parts parents raiding the Easter aisle, this will be the last part of the peeps series.

That said: let’s dig in!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

These are pretty self explanatory. The peep is a bit smaller than normal. The marshmallow is maybe a little more dense, and is not sugar covered. The chocolate is about on par with Hershey or Mars…very edible but its not Godiva. Overall, I found these to be really tasty, and that surprised me. I’m not a fan of chocolate and marshmallow at all normally.

My Rating: StarsStarsStarsStars

FP Peeps

I’d like to note that I had to pay an entire extra 50 cents for these, because they are Kroger exclusives. What a rip off! Easily the worst of the flavors, these explode in your mouth tasting much like Hawaiian Punch, but the marshmallow is just odd with this flavor. Extremely sweet to its own detriment.

My Rating: Stars

That’s unfortunately all I managed to get my hands on, but never fear I Just Came for the Food will pick back up with next weekish with non peep related reviews. Specifically, Watermelon Pop Tarts and Watermelon Amp Zero!

Anastasia Byrd
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