New Music Monday 2 Pack, Early July Edition

Mikey ErgMikey ErgTentative Decisions

In Mikey Erg’s songs intense guitar is paired perfectly with intense vocals. His lyrics are true and raw. Songs like “Comme Si About Me” are about the un-glamorized side of love. He’s not afraid in his lyrics or expression and that’s conveyed in the music.

The vibe of Mikey Erg’s music ranges from light head bopping to full out head banging Whichever is more your thing, he’s got your back.

Culture Shock

Culture ShockAttention Span

Between the truth in their songs and the bouncy accompaniment, Culture Shock instantly reminded me of Fishbone. Crazy guitars keep the music fun and energizing. The way that the band conveys political truth in their songs is kind of sneaky because unless you really listen closely to the lyrics, it just sounds like a casual fun song.

If you want a band that spits true feelings about society and backs it up with bouncy, beachy sounds Culture Shock is for you. You can catch these dub punk veterans out on tour together for the first time in decades with their friends, World Inferno Friendship Society, in a town near you!

Culture Shock Band

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