Ithaca Fantastik Fest is Upon Us!


Tomorrow night, on Wednesday the 9th, one day after this shitshow of an election, you can head North from election headquarters in NYC to the home of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, to catch some great movies and soak in love of film. Hugues Barbier, the head of the Ithaca Fantastik, is excited for the festival’s fifth iteration.

Since our inception in 2011, we tried to think out of the box and have a more European approach to programming and presenting the genre to our audience. The Fantastik is constantly redefining itself, and the exciting part for us is to try to comprehend the trends, see the influences and present the films to movie goers in a comprehensive, almost didactic way.

One of the most exciting things for Hugues is the following the fest has garnered over it’s 5 year history.

Having an audience following us for the last 5 years is the best reward we can have programming an event like this one. We hope this year’s edition will make our audience think, but also laugh out loud and maybe cry… We always try to screen a wide spectrum films, emotion and style wise, to represent what the genre as best to offer on a given year.

As someone who is scheduled to talk to Lance Henriksen in the coming few weeks and just rewatched all of the Alien films (including the AVP films and Prometheus), one of the most interesting parts of this year’s Ithaca Fantastik Fest is the retrospective.

The Known Unknowns, theme of our 2016 retrospective (Including Aliens for it’s 35th Anniversary), will be the main thread of our 5th edition. From our cinema concert (A Page of Madness, 1926), to Ovredal’s new film (The Autopsy of Jane Doe)- We made a point to turn the tables with every single films we screen this year.

Here are a few of the most talked about features:

In short, get your ass to Ithaca. You can check out the full schedule here.

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