Thank You Vestron: Sharing THE GATE with a New Generation

The Gate is a film that I think I saw as a kid, in fact I’m pretty sure I have, but I don’t really remember when. It had been so long that this rewatch felt like watching something new and watching it with my kids was a fantastic experience (my youngest, Weston, only made it to the first truly scary moment and checked out, but Cash was all in). My boys love Goosebumps and love many of the old school family/kids horror I grew up on, ie. Monster Squad has become a staple in our house. Thus, adding The Gate to our film diet felt natural. Rather than a standard review, here is a Q&A with Cash, followed by my brief assessment of the Blu-ray release from Vestron.

Cash, let’s start simple. What was the scariest part?

It was really scary when the Dad’s head fell off.

What do you think was your favorite part?

I love the ending. It was really weird when he got an eye in his hand, but I liked that part too.

If you were explaining to someone what the film was about, what would you say?

It’s about opening a gate that lets demons out and then trying to close it.

What other parts stood out to you?

It was scary when the man in the wall jumped out.

Will you watch this again?

Yeah, I like horror movies.

The Vestron Collector’s Series release of The Gate is a stellar release, well worth its price tag for fans and collectors. Features include 2 different commentary tracks that tackle some interesting stories about the technical aspects of the film and the effects, many great interviews, a vintage featurette, and more. The film looks great and sounds great, capturing all of the 80s awesomeness that this film has in it.

In short, children of the 80s and horror parents, get on this release. Share it with your friends. Share it with your kids. This film is a blast and this is the best way to watch it!

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