This Movie Gave Cash GOOSEBUMPS

[Editor’s Note: I’m so proud of my son, who has gotten motivated to write a ton lately. He’s reviewed a few albums on his own, with nothing more than a little bit of editing help (everyone needs an editor), and helped me with a few movies, one of which is The Gate (our latest co-review). Here is his first full review of a movie… all by himself… enjoy!]

I saw Goosebumps for the first time when it came out on VUDU, but have watched it many, many times since. Today, I want to tell you about it, one of my favorite movies. It’s about monsters from RL Stine’s books coming to life.

My favorite part is when Slappy, the dummy, comes to life. He is scary and funny. All of the monsters are awesome. They look real even though Dad says they were created with computers. They are real looking, but also very cool monsters. The best monsters in the film are the robots.

Watching this movie so many times made me interested in the books. My friend Stephen was reading them and Dad thought I would love them, so he got me one at a used bookstore. Since that time, I have read lots of them. My favorite one is Beware the Snowman. It’s scary.

I love this movie and I think you should see it. I hope you like Goosebumps, too.

Cash Hendrix
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