Buried Alive 2017: A Double Dose of Short Films with EAST HELL and HOLY F**K

East Hell is a 2017 horror comedy short Directed By Callum Smith. It’s run time is 8 mins.

Stacey and Becca are a couple of bullied goth girls who use a Satanic ritual they find on Reddit to summon a demon they hope will help them solve the problems they have with the school track team. Along the way they have to contend with a young kid they are babysitting called Bobby who at first questions what they are doing, next he tries to rat them out to his mother and finally he pours water and holds a cross to the area where an upside down star has been painted in red on the living room carpet. Finally, they complete the ritual and the results are not what they expected.

I confess that I laughed long and while watching this mainly because the humor was natural given the premise of short. I got to give a ton of credit to Callum for taking a cliched plot and remolding it into something new and fresh while having the utmost respect for it’s subject matter. I hope to see what Callium can do with a full length movie script and a good budget to work with.

Recommended for all lovers of comedic horror and horror parodies.

Holy F**k is a 2017 comedic horror short directed by Chris Chalklen. It’s run time is 9 mins.

When we first see the demon possessed man, he is eating a chicken wing. This is a indication that we are not in for your normal possession feature. Also the discussion between the demon and the priest sounds more like a longtime couple discussing a way to get the sexual magic back in their relationship. Finally, they work it out and both find the release each one craves.

Personally, I found this whole premise to be wickedly funny and worth a watch.


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