CRAZY FAMOUS: The Nuthouse VS. Bin Laden

“Liberals Not Welcome” reads the sign on the front of a guns and ammo shop, as Bob Marcus and his rag tag crew of escape mental patients prepare to arm themselves in their secret mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. This film focuses on this ragtag group, beginning with Bob, and their insane journey to kill Bin Laden.

As the film opens, Bob strips to his undies and jumps the fence to Camp David. When he’s arrested, he expects to be on TV. However, he just ends up committed to a mental hospital. What we know about Bob is that this is just his latest stunt in trying to be famous. Being famous is all he cares about. Being famous is his obsession.

Upon meeting a “British secret agent” in the hospital, they hatch their scheme and it’s off to the races. From there, it’s a pants-less partner-in-crime, robbing a store, dressing up to blend in with Bin Laden’s people, and a ton of quirky mishaps.

If you are a fan of quirky indie comedies, you can do a lot worse than spending 80 minutes on this unique adventure. If that sounds like your thing, you can grab the film over at Amazon or your favorite VOD outlet today.

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