Celebrate National Marijuana Day with THE 4/20 MASSACRE

Longtime friends gather together during the 4/20 holiday weekend to celebrate the birthday of one of their own. The joyous holiday is short-lived when they come across an illegal weed growing operation and are targeted for death. Will any of them survive this nightmare?

The 4/20 date usually brings together people from all over the world together in public for a celebration of weed and also a call for its legalization. Once that is done all horror movie stoners can blaze up and watch any number of pot related films from Killer Bud to The Tripper to even the Evil Bong series. Now one could add another title to the growing field of low budget cinema called The 4/20 Massacre. Even non-smoking slasher fans will enjoy this due to smart writing, practical effects that are not cheap and a doable run time of 85 mins.

What separates this from the fore mentioned films is the writing and the way the main characters are presented. We don’t get subjected to the same cookie cutter tropes like other slasher films. We get real people with each one having a distinct personality that brings an individual dynamic to the story. You will find yourself rooting for and caring about each person. Granted that there are two throwaway characters at the beginning of the film to get the movie’s wheels in motion. The kills themselves are very realistically brutal.

Are there any negatives? In this reviewer’s eyes.. no. However, to be fair I must point out that this film works without any nudity or sex scenes, but we are treated to a couple of the women making out clothed. I noticed a welcomed undertone of female empowerment that even the so called “flaky one” of the group was portrayed like they have a normal working brain and could fend for themselves while camping by setting up the camp site on their own correctly. This film falls under the slasher comedy genre and I disagree because the film did have its moments of humor but it was organic even with the comic relief roles.

In closing, I want to give this film a very HIGH recommendation and encourage all slasher fans to watch this one if you get a chance to.

Kenny Fasolo
I'm a grumpy loudmouthed horror fan born in upstate NY, now living in South New Jersey with my girl. When I'm not mouthing off about horror, I also talk about wrestling, Eagles football, and the current state of America.
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