The Darts New 7″: Kate’s New #1 with a “Bullet”

After listening to “Bullet” from upcoming The Darts album, I was instantly in love and decided that I found one of my new favorite bands.

Their hardcore vocals are backed up by incredible instrumentals. Their intense grunge sound is extremely energizing and definitely be prepared to get dizzy from all the head banging. The Darts provide the perfect garage sound with strong drum beats, pumping bass, badass guitar, and vocals that’ll make you want to scream along.

As soon as the first song begins you’ll feel their unique grunge sound pump through your veins and as soon as it’s over you’ll be left wanting to hear more. Check it out, coming soon from Alternative Tentacles!

Kaitlyn Fanrak
Music Reviews / Renaissance Woman
Katie is the second youngest person here on Farsighted - the youngest who's allowed to watch a rated R movie or listen to the music she wants to (Cash is 8, but he's getting there). Between reviewing music, being a book addict, making art, dancing, and reading and writing poetry, she is kind of a self-declared Renaissance (wo)man.

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