Breathtaking and Beautiful, the New Album from Indie Electronic Duo LEDGES

I must admit that prior to stumbling upon their latest release, I’d never heard of Ledges, the East Coast electronic duo that now ranks among my favorite music to relax and destress to. Pumping this album after a long day at work or while I’m floating in the pool has become a favorite pastime of mine within the past few weeks. Soothing sounds and smooth vocals work together to create a truly enjoyable sound that is hard to dislike.

After meeting at Quinnipiac University, the duo of Anthony Vertullo and Stephen Connolly began writing music together on their Casio keyboards and found out quickly that they had a ton of musical chemistry. Despite both transferring from Quinnipac, the two remained in touch and began ending tracks back and forth through email. Eventually, they chose their favorite collaborations, rerecorded them, and released their debut – The Sun, The Stars, The Moon, and Me.

The particular brand of new wave influenced electronic pop that Ledges produces isn’t necessarily a form in which I’m well versed. There are only a few choice acts among the world of downtempo electronic and trip hop that I spend a good deal of time listening to – notably only Morcheeba, Skye, Portishead, Tricky, Zeroseven, Finley Quaye, Air, and a couple of others make the grade. However, Ledges enters this mix as a very welcome addition. I wouldn’t be surprised is they even dominated my feel good selections for the foreseeable future. Each track has its own feeling, yet every one of them produces the same feeling of serenity and repose within me.

I’ve read that their sound consider favorably to TV Girl, Brothertiger, Craft Spells, and Yumi Zouma, but I’ll have to take others’ words for it. To me, nothing I’ve vibed quite compares to the sound of Ledges. It’s beautiful, simple, and fulfilling in a way that I much needed in this time of my life. I’ll be cherishing these nine tracks for a long time… and anxiously awaiting more.

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