Science Gone Wrong Gone Scary in SLEEP NO MORE

In the 1980s, five graduate students try to prove that once a person goes 200 hours without sleep that sleep is no longer necessary but as the experiment goes on they experience disturbing visions and violent impulses, because of this the whole ordeal turns into a fight for survival.

Let me start off and say this is not a Flatliners ripoff!

I can’t stress that enough. This is a leaner, meaner, scarier version of the “science experiment gone wrong” movie trope that doesn’t play by the rules. I found myself caring for the five students within minutes as they explain their motivations for doing this experiment. If I were to assign a villain to the piece, I would say it is the head doctor in charge for not giving them some sleeping pills that are so easy to find at

My only issue is with the entity chasing them around. Regular entity rules doesn’t seem to apply to it in which causes some continuity holes and a lot of head scratching from me. I really wish it’s back story would have gotten fleshed out more, however don’t let that spoil that from you checking this film out.

Lastly, this film has an excellent 80s soundtrack to it.

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