Bad Nuns are Back: Making the Habit Stick with THE CONVENT

Fans of nunsploitation rejoice!

The Convent is just what the doctor ordered if you enjoy that kind of film but it offers much more for anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch. The plot finds that in the early 1600s, a young woman who is accused of being a witch saved from death by the Mother Superior of mysterious order. She is to repent and make atonement for her former sins but finds that there is a greater evil wanting the souls of all the sisters in the convent.

Let me state for the record that in my movie viewing lifetime I watched and enjoyed a scant few nunsploitation films over the years and The Convent was a very well put together film. The story kept me interested, the acting was awesome, the pacing of the film and directing were inspired – bringing something new and fresh to this well worn movie subgenre. I also loved how the story unfolded but my only complaint is that it did slightly drag in the middle but it recovered quickly. As far as the usual tropes found in these type of movies, they are all in there. Thankfully, they are brought out with great care to compliment the story and keep things moving between acts. The effects were top notch. And, like I said earlier, the actors did a great job.

This could easily make my “best of” list for 2019.

Kenny Fasolo
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