Going the Extra “Miles” with the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio

As we roll into another Spring weekend, I’m faced with a bit of a gloomy morning. It’s that type of rainy morning where the light sprinkles are far less oppressive than the looming clouds – that type of rainy morning where you aren’t really motivated to do anything more than sit and write, with a cup of joe at your side. Besides, the weekend is beckoning and we’re all just killing time until is gets here. The sun is peaking out as the rain tapers, but it’s still the gloom is still not quite done hanging over my head.

Those who read this site probably know that I like a nice upbeat tune on a Monday morning because it gets me up and moving. However, on a day like this, something makes me yearn for a track that’s more contemplative. Positivity is key, but not necessarily in the form of a toe tapper or high energy romp. Instead, this morning, I’ve turned to Rose Ann Dimalanta and the latestest single from her band, “Miles”.

Off of the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio’s latest album, It’s Time, “Miles” is the type of cool, calm, and contemplative song that hits the sweet spot on this gloomy Friday morning. A song of introspection and a look at what can be gained from one’s failures, “Miles” is a beautiful and deep journey that makes the clouds in our days have some extra meaning.

Check out this track on Spotify (above) or grab the album on your preferred music provider. If you’re like me, it may be the perfect song to get you to the weekend.

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