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New thriller, Mollywood, is out now and we had the chance to talk to director Morocco Vaughn about the film, his experience, and his love of the genre. Without further ado…

Congratulations on the release of Mollywood, Morocco. This is you directorial debut, right? Tell us a bit about yourself and you journey that led up to this big day.

I’m from Chicago. I went to school for film at Columbia College. I did a lot of music videos, which is how I connected to filmmaking.

Thanks for that. So, with Mollywood, what were some of your big influences and what were some of you main goals with the film?

I watched Split, but the script made me think of Seven and Silence of the Lambs.

I guess before we dive any deeper, it may be worth giving a short synopsis to the readers. What is Mollywood about?

It’s a thriller/horror with a serial killer who frequents dance festivals and sells drugs to partygoers. All along, he just wants to kill them.

You got to work with some cool folks for this one, including rapper Waka Flocka Flame. How was it working with him?

Yes, we are good friends. I shot videos like “Grove Street Party”, “Bustin at ‘em”, and “Snakes in the Grass”. We waited on this moment. It was great and will have more.

Who are the other main cast members and where may some of the readers know them from?

Micah Fitzgerald plays Chase. He’s in the new Swamp Thing series and has been on Westworld. He’s going to be a big star. Billy Dec plays Rush. You guys will know him as a chef on Good Morning America, but he’s been on Entourage and Chicago PD. We had other good actors as well.

As a lover of the horror/thriller genre, I have to ask… is it the genre your favorite? What got you into horror… like some of your favorite films growing up or other experiences that turned you on the genre?

This script stood out to me, and it just happened to be a horror film. I always loved this genre. Seven is one of my favorite films. The Shining by Kubrick is very high on my list. In the horror genre, directors like Carpenter and Rob Zombie are my favorites. I like people to create their voice like Jordan Peele, too.

As you move into your next project, will you be staying in and around the genre or do you have other ideas in mind?

Horror/thriller, sci-fi, and drama are my top three. Yes, I have a horror/thriller called Outside Looking In that I want to do.

Thanks for the chat. Now that Mollywood is out, where can people check it out?

People can check it out on the iTunes store, Amazon Prime, Xfinity on demand, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, Google play, YouTube movies, and many more.

And to follow you and what you have going on, where can folks go?

I’m @morocco_the_great on Instagram and Morocco Vaughn on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again, any final thoughts on the film, life, love, whatever?

I’m just a fan who finally got to make a movie.

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