Mag Fest 2020: Coming of Age in 8 Minutes with BLOOM

This film makes its Mississippi premiere on Thursday, February 27th at UEC Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville, MS.

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Darnel, a.k.a D’Block, a misfit teen who measures his self-worth in popularity, goes to extreme lengths to swap out his geek cred for street cred.

Will and Chris Derrick’s short film about Darnell (a nerd seeking the approval of those whom he deems cooler than himself) centers around a rap battle where the outcome is a tad predictable in an “underdog ultimately wins” kind of way. However, it doesn’t wrap up in a tidy little bow, but rather a “planted seed” of things to come. The acting is decent and believable. I could definitely see this happening somewhere amongst a group of teens just like in the short. If you have just under 8 minutes of free time, let yourself get caught up in this little coming-of-age tale.

Anastasia Byrd
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