SoundBytes: AKC Chronicle Their Quarantine with “Last Chance” Music Video

A Killer’s Confession is so metal that they even make playing Xbox look tough… and not the kind of tough that Fortnight is for me when I tag in on my kids’ games. I kid… well, kind of. These guys do look tough, but they show a softer side, too – with a glimpse into their individual homes and lockdown routines. Playing video games, rocking out, drinking a beer or two, and vaping… that’s basically all that happens in the video. Yet, this young group of hard rockers make it look good, even down to petting a cat at the end.

“Last Chance” is a pretty straight ahead metal influenced hard rock tune. With a strong influence from the early 2000s, the song feels familiar, yet new. If rock DJs gave this one a chance, it would be a surefire rock radio hit, with singalong hooks, q good head banging rhythm, and a few face melting riffs.

A reminder that Cleveland rocks, here is the latest DIY music video from AKC… “Last Chance”…

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