Sonic Fuel’s “Karma” Video Employs Rock Tropes to Perfection

A music video opens with a zealous young man rocking out. Of course, his mom barges him, says the music is of Satan, and tells him he can’t rock no more. This isn’t a fresh idea, but it’s a well worn trope for a reason. When it’s done well, it works. And on Sonic Fuel’s “Karma” music video, it certainly works.

“Karma” is a fun straight-ahead rock tune in the vein of modern rockers like Foo Fighters or Collective Soul. This vibe, the kid in the video, and the solid camera work make the video a real blast. Lead man David Hales has an extremely strong rock vocal style and the band plays a tight rock tune behind him. It’s a total package that harkens back to a time where music videos mattered and were part of our everyday life.

Rock out with Sonic Fuel’s kickass music video for “Karma” (below) and check out their full album over at Spotify.

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