Funk Up Your Weekend with Disaster Relief

A few months back, Disaster Relief joined forces with Thornetta Davis for a soulful funk explosion and we all rejoiced. Now, the instrumental funksters are here with six new tracks that blend funk, rock, ska, jazz, and latin music into a veritable smorgasbord of groovy music. Sometimes the pervasive sound has an island feel and other times it feels like straight up funk, but from front to back Back Into It is a showcase of musicianship, songcraft, and what feels like a genuine spirit of love and hopefulness. Every note oozes fun, creativity, and skill.

Fans of P-Funk, the Skatalites, the Meters, and even free-form jazz are sure to lock in for this 6 song odyssey that clocks in a bit over the half hour mark. Detroit’s troubadours of joyous melody were showered with praise for their 2018 debut, but this latest one just keeps building from where they started. The songs are well crafted and the songwriting is only surpassed by the actual musicianship. Solos from every single instrument are littered throughout, yet they never overreach or detract from the overall song structure. Essentially, Back Into It is a clinic and anyone who enjoys funky fusion tunes should just sit back and absorb it… because it’s truly hard not to enjoy this one.

Standout tracks: opener “Back Into It” and Greek inspired “Kalamatianós for Alexander”

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