NMM Soundbytes: Sluka Asks “Isn’t It Strange?”

In a music video that blends a Bowie-like sense of wonder and weirdness with a steampunk attitude and a vibe that is reminiscent of later era Tom Petty, Cali based rocker Sluka asks us, “Isn’t It Strange?” In July of 2020 he combined his unique sound with an important message in his video for “Vampire’s Ball” and he has continued to churn out unique tunes that evoke an array of inspiration ranging from Nick Cave to Maynard James Keenan and beyond. This past Summer’s “Isn’t It Strange?” is yet another single in his arsenal of wide ranging rock for music fans who are yearning for something that sounds both familiar and new simultaneously.

While I arrived on this music video a bit late to the party, I was happy to discover the tune when I did. In a period of transition in my day job and a weird set of circumstances going on in the world around us, the fun, quirky vibe of this song and music video felt especially well timed for me.

Check it out yourself and decide for yourself if it is… indeed… strange:

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