New Music Monday: Celebrate Halloween in the Spring with “Pumpkin Man”

The late great frontman of The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Jack Terricloth, went out of his way year round to sing the praises to the Pumpkin King. Jack and his band of merry Hallowmas carolers were light hearted and cheeky, with a little bit of creepniess and a whole lot of childlike glee. Suffice it to say, Heavenly Trip to Hell’s “Pumpkin Man” is a bit of a different tone.

Like World/Inferno, though, HTTH has a distinct look and aesthetic, a feel all their own. Besides both bands having a clear affinity for the October holiday season, they both share that keen sense that they want to make music and perform on their own terms. HTTH is a band that will burn their way into your memory as soon as you see and hear them.

With April right around the corner, it’s Halfway to Halloween. Boutique film labels and the great Shudder streaming service always is sure to remind me of this each year. And, with that, I watch a plethora of horror films and try to get in the Fall spirit, despite the opposite time of year springing up around me. “Pumpkin Man” is a perfect way to get that April Halfway to Halloween routine kicking in full gear.

With an unrelenting but extremely melodic sound, HTTH’s new single blends hardcore music, hard rock, British new wave metal, and modern heavy metal into a head banging sing and stomp along tune that’s hard to ignore. As someone who gravitates most toward the hardcore end of the hard music spectrum, there is a good deal of punk and hardcore influence in the song’s sound that keeps me hooked. Fans of the metal side of the spectrum will be just as happy as metallic riffs and solos abound, with vocals that’ll please both sides of the fence.

Check out the music video to see and hear the band’s unique style and sound for yourself.

For more HTTH, you can also head to their website, Facebook page, or Spotify artist page.

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